Imperial Circular. 25/06/17.

The Cathedral: Civility to Civil War.

The Global and domestic crisis in security is, in large part, a consequence of the fact that the University is central institution of the Tranzi Ruling Elite. The following is an update of their hooliganism:

We don’t need a conversation about the Cathedral, we just need to shut it down.

If you want to know the future of your country, observe what is happening in the Universities.

Of course Yale rewards Thugs, its Yale.

High Professor using Low Blacks to Kill White Middles.

Stabbed at a political reality. American is falling apart. Who can restore order?

Brown University Indoctrinating the Next Generation

The STEEL-cameralist answer to the problem of Universities is that they are to be closed down, sold off and the professors are to be pensioned off or placed in a re-training centre where they will play chess for the rest of their natural life.

Hot War with North Korea and Cyberwar with China.

Pragmatically Distributed looks at what a possible war with North Korea from a game theory standpoint might invovle. We comment below on how it could be resolved peacefully. As with everything else in the world right now, the signs are not good.

What war with North Korea would look like.


China’s Cyber Warfare capabilities starting to outpace USG.

Government as a Criminal Enterprise.    

When we say that you can have Government as a Business, Government as a Charity (which is Communism and never works) and government as a Criminal Enterprise we were quite serious.

This article, while bizarre, is quite right. This is the dirtiest of USG’s dirtiest secrets.

That’s What They Want You to Think.

Saker is mistaken:

One huge difference between the western culture and the way the Russians (or the Chinese for that matter) look at geostrategy is that westerners always look at everything in the short term and tactical level. This is basically the single main reason why both Napoleon and Hitler lost their wars against Russia: an almost exclusive focus on the short term and tactical. In contrast, the Russians are the undisputed masters of operational art (in a purely military sense) and, just like the Chinese, they tend to always keep their eyes on the long-term horizon. Just look at the Turkish downing of a Russian Su-24: everybody bemoaned the lack of “forceful” reaction from Moscow. And then, six months later – what do we have? Exactly.

The modern western culture is centered on various forms of instant gratification, and that is also true for geopolitics.” (Bold ours.)

You can see why here.

The Not So Strange Death of Liberal England.

Peter Hitchens, in his latest piece is perhaps his best of the year so far. All Christians should read this, we think. There is real feeling here – anguish but also resignation. England is done, Hitchens thinks. We are beginning to think he is right. England is such a pathetic country, though modern France is still more contemptible.


Theodore Dalrymple has written a fine essay in Hitlerology:

“A specter haunts Europe—this time, not that of Communism, as the opening lines of The Communist Manifesto famously assert, but that of Adolf Hitler. Nearly three-quarters of a century after Hitler’s death, the mere mention of his name instills fear in disputants’ hearts and brings debate to a stop. The reductio ad Hitlerum is now the most powerful of rhetorical weapons; and the faintest, most far-fetched, or plainly false analogy of an idea or proposal to anything that Hitler said or did is often sufficient to discredit it. I doubt that there are many who, in the heat of an argument, have never scrupled to use it”

Read the rest here.

This is surely one of the strangest and most perverse and fascinating facets of the Modern Structure.

There is nothing we can say on this topic that has not been said by Master Land in what, to us, is one of the best passages he has ever written:

“Look, I’m not saying that Hitler was a particularly nice guy …” – to imagine such words is already to see many things. It might even provoke the question: Does anybody within the (Cathedral’s) globalized world still think that Adolf Hitler was less evil than the Prince of Darkness himself? Perhaps only a few scattered paleo-Christians (who stubbornly insist that Satan is really, really bad), and an even smaller number of Neo-Nazi ultras (who think Hitler was kind of cool). For pretty much everybody else, Hitler perfectly personifies demonic monstrosity, transcending history and politics to attain the stature of a metaphysical absolute: evil incarnate. Beyond Hitler it is impossible to go, or think. This is surely interesting, since it indicates an irruption of the infinite within history – a religious revelation, of inverted, yet structurally familiar, Abrahamic type. (‘Holocaust Theology’ already implies as much.)

In this regard, rather than Satan, it might be more helpful to compare Hitler to the Antichrist, which is to say: to a mirror Messiah, of reversed moral polarity. There was even an empty tomb. Hitlerism, neutrally conceived, therefore, is less a pro-Nazi ideology than a universal faith, speciated within the Abrahamic super-family, and united in acknowledging the coming of pure evil on earth. Whilst not exactly worshipped (outside the extraordinarily disreputable circles already ventured into), Hitler is sacramentally abhorred, in a way that touches upon theological ‘first things’. If to embrace Hitler as God is a sign of highly lamentable politico-spiritual confusion (at best), to recognize his historical singularity and sacred meaning is near-mandatory, since he is affirmed by all men of sound faith as the exact complement of the incarnate God (the revealed anti-Messiah, or Adversary), and this identification has the force of ‘self-evident truth’. (Did anybody ever need to ask why the reductio ad Hitlerum works?)

Conveniently, like the secularized neo-puritanism that it swallows, (aversive) Hitlerism can be safely taught in American schools, at a remarkably high level of religious intensity. Insofar as progressive or programmatic history continues, this suggests that the Church of Sacred Hitlerite Abomination will eventually supplant its Abrahamic predecessors, to become the world’s triumphant ecumenical faith. How could it not? After all, unlike vanilla deism, this is a faith that fully reconciles religious enthusiasm with enlightened opinion, equally adapted, with consummate amphibious capability, to the convulsive ecstasies of popular ritual and the letter pages of the New York Times. “Absolute evil once walked amongst us, and lives still …” How is this not, already, the principal religious message of our time? All that remains unfinished is the mythological consolidation, and that has long been underway.”

The next two parts of the STEEL-cameralist manifesto will be posted next week.



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