Tranzi: Supremacist, Social Darwinist Sorcerers.

We propose a new, replacement name for Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Progressivists, Brahmans etc.

Instead of calling someone a liberal, call them a Tranzi. Progressives are Tranzis.

Tranzi is derived from the concept Trans-national Progressivism.

A Tranzi does not believe in the nation state.

A Tranzi does not believe in God, or if he does, then his God’s ethics are fully consistent with the moral fashions of the current crop of fashionable Tranzis.

A Tranzi does not believe in cognitive variation among humans, but does believe in Darwin’s theory of Evolution.

A Tranzi really only cares about Darwin and his theory because it allows them to claim that science shows God does not exist.

A Tranzi believes in Darwin, but not in Darwinism.

A Tranzi believes in society and in socialism but not in Social Darwinism.

A Tranzi understands that life is competitive, but they preach co-operation instead.

A Tranzi values co-operation with everyone, yet they can out-compete anyone.

A Tranzi believes in democracy, but only if they win.

A Tranzi democrat will say anything and do anything to win.

A Tranzi believes that everyone should be Tranzis, and is comfortable with violence against anyone who disagrees with Tranzi principles.

A Tranzi values co-operation because it is the best way to out-compete the competition.

The Tranzi is supreme and they are Supremacists, yet they pretend to be weak and values weakness.

A Tranzi believes in Darwin but hates Darwinism.

A Tranzi loves socialism but hates Social Darwinism.

A Tranzi is a sorcerer, a magician.

A magician fools you into believing that fake magic is real magic and that real magic is fake magic.

Real magic is supernatural magic; fake magic is a bag of tricks, misdirection, suggestion and diversion.

Real magic isn’t real and fake magic isn’t fake.

A Tranzi loves magic, real magic.

A Tranzi is a Supremacist, Social Darwinist Sorcerer because they want to be and are Supreme; they out-compete, exploit, cheat and trick, dominate and eliminate all other social classes at home and abroad. They explain this fact, and all the carnage that results from it, as proof of their co-operative, concerned, nature.

The difference between a Tranzi and a Nazi is that a Tranzi need not know what they are but Nazis always know that they are what they are.

Tranzis lack self-knowledge. A Nazi always knows that they are Nazi.

As the saying goes: “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincingly the world that he did not exist.”

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19 thoughts on “Tranzi: Supremacist, Social Darwinist Sorcerers.

  1. How coincidental that you post this. I just came out with an essay on the diplomat Friedrich von Gentz arguing that a certain type of “tranzi” is not bad at all, though obviously not those who fit your definition.


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