A Very Short NRx Correction to Z-Man.

We enjoy the blogger Z-Man and he has done some really outstanding commentary. In this post, Z-Man seems to assume that corporations are the Power or will be the Power soon. The neoreactionary asks where did the concern with "global warming" or "climate change" come from? Is it: A: The university? Which is to say, … Continue reading A Very Short NRx Correction to Z-Man.


The Miracle of Michael Travers.

All wars should be systematic… Napoleon.   Contents: 1: On Miracles. 2: The Ontology Tzar. 3: A Political Possibility Proof. 4: Different Strata of Reality. 5: The Collapse of Clinton and the Crisis of the Modern Structure. 6: On Contracts and Civilisation. 7: Britons Never, Never, Never Shall Be Slaves. 8: England’s “Nuremberg Moment”. 9: American … Continue reading The Miracle of Michael Travers.

The STEEL-cameralist Manifesto Part 6A: STEEL-Reaction.

Contents 1: Dark Enlightenment. 2: The Trike. 3: What is Neoreaction? 4:What’s Neo about Neoreaction? 5: Catholicism V Techno-Commercialism V Neocameralism V STEEL-cameralism.    1: Dark Enlightenment. A Brief History and Summary of the Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction: The Dark Enlightenment began one day in 2007 while Mencius Moldbug was tinkering around in his garage and … Continue reading The STEEL-cameralist Manifesto Part 6A: STEEL-Reaction.

Rulers Only Become Tyrants When They Do Not Have Enough Power.

So Say We All! From Pragmatically Distributed: A North Korean Defector Indirectly Confirms a Coup is Possible I have also argued on game theory grounds the more the crisis escalates, the less likely Kim would be to back down for fear of giving an impression of weakness that would invite a military coup – …a new possibility comes … Continue reading Rulers Only Become Tyrants When They Do Not Have Enough Power.

On Truth.

Alrenous and Spandrell have both, over the last several months, blogged about Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris and “truth”. Recently, we got round to listening to both podcasts from Harris and Peterson. Following Dennett’s use of Rapoport’s rules, Peterson is right to ask (we are translating him here) that while we can ask if a particular … Continue reading On Truth.