God’s Game.

Imperial Energy likes to fight.

What is best in life?



On Guard!


Can a reactionary believe in duelling?

Men of honour would, not that long ago really, fight over their honour.

You Sir. I said you Sir! Despicable.

Your woman is a whore.


And so, at the appointed time, two men, with their seconds, would duel – until death or satisfaction.

Should we bring back duelling?

Could MMA be a model?

How about a gunfight?

A swordfight?

Just think of the time, effort and the sacrifice that one would have to put in to be a swordsman today; not just a swordsman but a swordsman who fights to the death.

At any moment, you could be called out.

It is said that men like to settle their differences face to face but that women backstab and bitch.

Today, alas, men are bitches.

If, however, you did not have either the time or inclination to be a duellist, then perhaps you could retain someone who was.

Some men would have a permanent duellist (who also serves as a bodyguard) in his household staff. Other men could hire a duellist for a one-time event. (At least it would create employment for plenty of unemployable men.)

What about the men who could not afford such a thing?

They pledge their allegiance to other men who either can duel or will find someone to duel for them. Of course, with protection comes a price – and not necessarily in coin.

Let’s scale the concept up.

Imagine a Game.

This game is called the God’s Game.

The God’s Game is a controlled, set-piece battle.

Build an island in the Pacific.

Hold battles there for all who are interested.

Two teams enter, but only one team leaves, unless they surrender.

Agree on the type and limits of combat.

You could have a battle with only pistols, or bows and arrows; you could have a tank battle; a cavalry battle.

So, if say, someday, USG had a king or a Supreme Commander and this Battle Island -God’s Island –  existed or was built, the king might issue a challenge to Muslims willing to play the God’s Game.

The King:

I say. Allah is a superstition and Muhammad is a false prophet. I say again, Allah is a superstition and Muhammad is false prophet. 

I Say! Allah is a Superstition! And Muhammad is a False Prophet!

Are you angry?

Are you hungry for revenge?

Do you want satisfaction?

Well, we challenge you to a Game.

To God’s Game.

We challenge you to fight!

Fist and foot. Knife and sword. Spear and bow. Pistol and rifle. Tank and helicopter.

What say you?

Are you chicken?

If Allah is real, he will surely grant you victory – proof of his existence and confirmation of your virtue.

But if you lose!

Allah Is a Superstition and Muhammad is a False Prophet!

One swallow does not make a summer and a one battle does not win a war.

In the God’s Game, there is a series of battles; indeed, there are seasons, leagues and special competitions.

Bit like soccer really.

And just like soccer, the God’s Game does not just have warriors but fans and not just fans but sponsors.

It will be the greatest game in history.

And it will help bring about world peace.

Instead of wasteful fighting, men can find existential meaning and other men can find excitement and riches in controlled, lethal violence.

So, suppose USG and Radical Islamic Terrorism had a one hundred year long war, but the violence only existed in the God’s Game, at God Island.

Every victory brings you points, and the points all add up. Until a certain number is met, or the clock runs out, the Game continues.

Amassing certain points or winning the league or the “Cup”, brings you certain real world rewards.

This is how Geo-political and political problems are solved via the God’s Game.

Of course, to play is voluntary. However, suppose that it was part of larger toolbox of war and diplomacy.

Take Israel and the Palestinians.

Pal challenges IS to the game, or IS challenges Pal. Each victory means that a parcel of land gets transferred.

Suppose the IDF’s female bow and arrow brigade challenges Hamas to a fight by calling them all sons of whores; however, Hamas chickens out and fires rockets instead.

IS retaliates by devastating an entire town with poison gas. IS then says that if they want to play this “game” IS will take no prisoners, but if Hamas is willing to play the God’s Game……

The point, from a meta-perspective, is that men (or women) who want to fight can fight. Victory brings them a little closer to their goals, but only a little and only after a consistent series of victories – Victory, or not.

You see, the other side will want to win as well. And so the fighting goes back and forth, back and forth.

Different teams develop different fighting styles, though it is likely that there will be convergence on a few types of fighting – perhaps fist, foot, knife and pistol.

Suppose we have a battle between ten U.S Marines with 44 magnum pistols against ten Iranian Republican Guards with shotguns. If the Marines win, Iran releases U.S hostages and pays ten million dollars, but if the U.S Marines lose, then USG pays thirty million dollars and gets only half the hostages.

Of course, for those fighting for political or religious reasons in the God’s Game, they might want to also fight outside the game. However, if the opponent threatened massive violence in retaliation, then this might tilt the odds against such an action.

Of course, perhaps you think that such cool considerations would not sway many. But the God’s Game uses not just Logos but Pathos and Ethos.

Words like shame and dishonour do not just mean something; the men who are shamed will feel something.

If Islamic terrorists keep getting beaten in the God’s Game, then the shame and humiliation of losing constantly on Saturday night TV to USG may well cause them to hush their noise. Or, it might mean that the well of men who want to fight, has run dry and only those people who live to make money or paint pictures exist anymore.

Ideally, God’s Game, despite not only its violent methods, but the open celebration of violence, actually reduces violence in the world and minimises non-combatant deaths and injuries.

It would also make a lot of money for many people as well.

So, instead of one country, religion, organisation or group going to war, using terror or going to court, they go to the God’s Game instead.

Finally, the God’s Game need not, in the final analysis, be real – it could be virtual.

But where would the fun be in that?

















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