Theological Implications Resulting from the Existence of Adolf Hitler.

(See this for some context.)

A: The Lord of Light V the Lord of Night.

1: A Good, all powerful God exists.

2: A Good God would wipe out Radical Evil completely.

3: Hitler existed. The words and deeds of Hitler represent, to paraphrase Nick Land, the “irruption of the absolute”. That is, absolute Radical Evil. Hitler’s words and deeds are the apotheosis of Radical Evil.

4: 2 stands in contradiction with 3; both cannot be true.

5: To restore consistency we can either reject 1, 2 or 3.

6: Assumption: 3 and 2 are epistemically better grounded than 1.

7: Thus, 1 is to be rejected if one is to be epistemically rational.

8: Thus, the existence of Hitler logically entails the non-existence of an all-powerful, all Good God.

B: The Sinners and the Saved.

1: The sacrifice of Jesus washed away man’s original sin and thus man – the fallen creature – can be saved if he accepts Jesus.

2: The words and deeds of Hitler – Radical Evil – nullify the Radical Love and sacrifice of Jesus.

3: Thus man, once more, is in a radical state of sin.

4: Thus, a messiah must come again to free men from their sin.

C: The Refutation of Augustinian Theodicy.  

1: Evil does not exist; it is a privation (lack or corruption of what is good).

2: Hitler’s words and deeds demonstrate the existence of Radical Evil.

3: 1 is therefore falsified.

4: A Good, all powerful, God can only exist if Radical Evil does not exist.

5: Radical Evil exists.

6: Thus, a Good, all powerful, God does not exist.

The INFJ Theory of Western Civilizational Epochs. 

1: Stage 1 is the epoch of INFJ Plato.

2: Stage 2 is the epoch of INFJ Jesus.

3: Stage 3 is the epoch of INFJ Hitler.

A new INFJ must come, though he may tarry.


8 thoughts on “Theological Implications Resulting from the Existence of Adolf Hitler.

  1. Interesting but could the opposite conclusion also be drawn…
    1. Hitler being Evil, deranged etc wanted an all or nothing experience for Germany. Victory or utter destruction (unlike the WW1 defeat)
    2. Another more rational leader would have capitulated 2 or 3 years earlier, and Germany would have retained a lot of its strength (developed its own post-war nuclear weapons)
    3. A cold war between three power blocks, all with nuclear weapons, would have been unstable and led to all out nuclear war
    4. The total destruction of all complex life on earth is even worse than Hittler
    5. Therefore unless we just got lucky with Hittler (that sounds so worng), there must be a divine Higher power operating in the World. (note not all-powerful)


    1. “3. A cold war between three power blocks, all with nuclear weapons, would have been unstable and led to all out nuclear war
      4. The total destruction of all complex life on earth is even worse than Hittler”

      That is quite possible.

      Here is the problem with all the logical problem of evil arguments they can never be demonstrative. As Quine said: “any belief can be held true come if you make enough changes elsewhere in your system.”

      David Hume made the same claim long ago in Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion. Hume, however, has a more powerful argument that builds out from this claim. Hume grant that, for all we know, there may be a consistency between evil and perfect Goodness – may be. Then, Hume plays his ace and says, more or less, that despite whatever consistency you wish to claim it never affords a “proof that a perfectly benevolent being exists.”


  2. Hope you/re kidding. Nothing is more consistent with the God of the Bible than the fact that Hitler lost the war.


  3. First of all we need a definition of good. What if I believe that Hitler did nothing wrong?

    Secondly, Christians believe that the most evil thing that ever could have happened already has happened. It was the torture and murder of Christ. All other evils are infinitesimal and thus effectively non-existent in comparison. Death on the cross did not wash away the Ancestral Sin. Falleness is the property of separation from God. In this separated state death and decay are natural (everything created is mortal, because creation is a literally nothingness, it was called from nonbeing and thus has no power to exist, to sustain itself, thus gravitating toward nonbeing, see below).

    Thirdly, the traditional word used in Patristic writings was Παντοκράτωρ. When it got to West, it was translated literally, rather than for what it was used to denote. And it was understood to mean Allsustainer, rather than Allmighty or Allpowerful–it meant that God must sustain the existence ceaselessly, and if He stopped for even a smallest of moments all the existence would cease. God does not exist, God is. Creation on the other hand isn’t, rather it merely exists. Thus it strives to return to nonbeing from which it came. Christians (at least traditional ones) aren’t Mahometans, they believe in Natural Law, rather than in Divine Despotism.


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