Response to Anti-Puritan

Anti-Puritan (AP) had some things to say about our interview with Reactionary Future.

There are a couple of points raised in the post.

Firstly, one of his arguments seems to involve RF’s (Filmerite) argument that only monarchy exists and that democracy and aristocracy are but forms of monarchy.

We have no objections here, for we do not buy into that argument.

We want to make two points by way of reply, however.

Firstly, AP is misinformed. RF did not say that “Rulers only Become Tyrants When They Do Not Have Enough Power”, we did.

We took it as our banner but the statement is actually from this article:

“To Moldbug rulers only become tyrants when they don’t have enough power.

Now for the second, more substantive point.

AP writes:

Reactionary Future says right at the top of his page at Imperial Energy that, “a ruler only becomes a tyrant when they do not have enough power.”

Oh really? So George Soros would make a perfect ruler if given absolute power? What about Harvey Weinstein? Angela Merkel? Granted that all of our examples occur with people who have unsecure power.

You have invalidated your own argument here. It is not “granted”. You are begging the question.

But does Teodoro Mbasogo have secure power? What about Kim Jong-un?

See for yourself here when it comes to Kim Jong Un which supports our thesis and not AP’s.

When does power become secure?

Good question. We will address this below.

The unfalsifiable hypothesis is that totally secure power will lead to responsible behavior. But let us postulate a slightly different, and falsifiable, version of this hypothesis;

The more secure power is the more responsible it will behave.

Fair enough. After all, our formula is a half-joke or an insult worn as a badge in the same way “Tory” was.

However, you could re-write the thesis as: the more insecure power is, the more irresponsible (in the ethical, economic and good governance sense) it becomes.

Once you understand this and once you understand the logic or the Science of Elite Action, then you can understand political reality.

Unfortunately, AP does not understand this.

Sadly, very few people, even reactionaries, do understand this.

All we can say to AP is that he has not made his case at this point for the rest of his post mixes up a number of things (RF’s Filmerite argument and Patron Theory or Power Selection Theory) and does not address the real issue.

We invite AP to take on our theories, explanations and argument’s at their very strongest.

Unfortunately, we have produced quite a lot of work now, so there is quite a lot of work to sift through. In any case, the following posts are necessary reading:

The Science of the State and Rules for Rulers.

STEEL-cameralist Manifesto Part 3c: The Age of Crisis; Crime, Chaos, Conflict and the Centralising Power.

STEEL-cameralist Manifesto Part 3e: The Error Theory of Economics.

Philosophy, Praxeology and Power. (1).

Part Two: Epistemological Foundations of Praxeology. (2/4).

Power, Praxeology and Three Reactionary Philosophies of History. (3/4).

The Praxeology of Power or the Science of Elite Action. (4/4).

The STEEL-cameralist Manifesto Part 5: the Minotaur of War. (The Power Selection Theory.)

The STEEL-cameralist Manifesto Part 5A. The European Minotaur of War I: The Origins, Nature and Development of the Minotaur.

The STEEL-cameralist Manifesto Part 5B The European Minotaur of War II: War Made the State.

Interview With Reactionary Future Part 1.

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The STEEL-cameralist Manifesto Part 6A: STEEL-Reaction.

Some Answers to Unanswered Questions.

Hopefully this answers the question.

As for when a ruler is secure, we will have more to say on that issue shortly.



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