Khalifa’s Circular 17/12/2017: Formalist FATWA.

In the name of the most High, the most Middle and the most Low; The Mighty and the Majestic; the followers of Formalism; the believers in realrestoration; in the name of the community of believers, we do deliver this FATWA.

Al-Antinomia Bin Imediata  declare the words of the Profit Moldbug (may profit fall upon him) to be deceased and that the sunny, satirical and steely words of the Profiteer to not only be ignored but mangled by heretics, infidels and other peddlers of Fitna and spreaders of Shirk.

To which we answer:

We have already answered.

Yet, upon reflection, and after witnessing the discord and distress that Al-Antinomia Bin Imediata has stirred in the bosom of the believers, we have decided to issue a Formalist FATWA.

A Formalist FATWA is a ruling issued by the most learned, the most noble and the most worthy.

We, the Sheik of STEEL, do declare ourselves the Rightly Guided; True Descendant; Mufi of Moldbuggery (profit be upon him) and Khalif of Cameralism.

While the doubters, deniers and other sowers of discord may wish to cast aspersions upon this FATWA – that Al-Imperator Al-Energija is the Khalif of Cameralism – be in no doubt ye of little faith; we will answer all and everyone with the sword of steel and with the marshaled arguments of all the angels into a single army.

We say what we mean and do what we say and we always tell the truth – even when we lie.

We have scourged the heretics; we have decapitated the infidels; we have smashed the best of the best of the polyprogressives and exposed the lies and mistakes of the perfidious, occluded (super) Jew and of perfidious Albion.

We have answered.

And we will answer to all and everyone with our Salaformalism.


We gotta keep the Minotaur down in the hole.

We call upon the rest of the ulema to make their judgement and offer the proper propitiations.

Verily, such a thing must not be given easily or without due reflection and scrupulous judgement.

Thus, we shall issue, as we said we would (though earlier than expected), a treatise that establishes the substance of our claims made in this FATWA.

This treatise – in the Shade of the Profit, the Milestones of the Mencius – is formally called:

The Ten Pillars of Mencius Moldbug.

The chapter headings:

Pillar 1: The Purpose and The Procedure.

Pillar 2: The Vision.

Pillar 3: The Formula.

Pillar 4: The Democrat.

Pillar 5: The Democide.

Pillar 6: The Cleansing.

Pillar 7: The Brahmins.

Pillar 8: The Cathedral.

Pillar 9: The Passivist.

Pillar 10: The Procedure, The Program and The Plinth.


Coming soon – hopefully in time for Christmas – so stay tuned.






6 thoughts on “Khalifa’s Circular 17/12/2017: Formalist FATWA.

  1. It is true to say that the plan of Moldbug (profit be upon him) is dead, but the Profit was an ideological tinkerer, not a grand strategist. He is our Socrates, not our Pythagoras. That his proposed system is no more says little about him, as he simply constructed neocameralism from existing Austrian values.

    His analysis of our political system has never been refuted. Nor have his principles. His preferences were always in doubt, and no one made it clearer than him. If his ideal system was unworkable, that only demonstrates the state of political philosophy in 2007.


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