A Very Short NRx Correction to Z-Man.

We enjoy the blogger Z-Man and he has done some really outstanding commentary.

In this post, Z-Man seems to assume that corporations are the Power or will be the Power soon.

The neoreactionary asks where did the concern with “global warming” or “climate change” come from?

Is it:

A: The university? Which is to say, did it come from the Priests?

B: The military? Which is to say, did it come the Soldiers?

C: The corporations? Which is to say, did it come from the Merchants? 



Or Gold?

(See here for the answer.)


6 thoughts on “A Very Short NRx Correction to Z-Man.

  1. Followed your link, finally read one of the longer Moldbug essays from start to finish, skimming over whole paragraphs where he’s just clearing his throat(ironically) or has a 2 page long quoted passage.
    Since the utter failure of attempts to bring even slight systemic change by interaction with the system itself, I thought it worth getting a more detailed sense of his take on political theory.
    While I find his insight back in 2009 very prophetic of what’s going on now, he doesn’t seem any prescription for dealing with the problem. The people in power are tough to deal with because they’re in power, pretty much a truism you don’t need 30 pages to elaborate on. How you gain or lose power is a lot more interesting. He deserves a lot of credit for identifying this problem though. Nevertheless I feel like Edward I in Braveheart could encapsulate the problem more succinctly: “The problem with Scotland is that it’s full of Scots.”


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