Imperial Circular 11/11/2017: Deconstruction.

It seems our pessimism was misplaced after all.

Trump is not finished yet or so it seems.

In the last month, many interesting things have been happening which all point to the supertanker that is USG slowly turning.

For starters, first read what we say about the State Department here.

Today, we read the following from Foreign Policy via Small Wars Journal:

Two former ambassadors have rebuked the White House in an increasingly vocal backlash against its efforts to sideline the State Department.

“Our leadership ranks are being depleted at a dizzying speed,” Barbara Stephenson, a former U.S. ambassador to Panama and current president of the American Foreign Service Association, the union for foreign service officers, wrote in a letter for the December 2017 issue of the Foreign Service Journal.

Scores of senior diplomats, including 60 percent of career ambassadors, have left the department since the beginning of the year, when President Donald Trump took office, according to the letter. There are 74 top posts at State that remain vacant with no announced nominee.

“Were the U.S. military to face such a decapitation of its leadership ranks, I would expect a public outcry,” Stephenson wrote.

It’s not just top leadership that is fleeing. New recruitment is falling dramatically as well, shrinking the pool for future talent. The number of applicants registering to take the Foreign Service Officer Test this year will be fewer than half the 17,000 who registered just two years ago, she wrote.

Stephenson wasn’t the only top diplomat with harsh words for the White House this week…

Has President Trump being reading Imperial Energy?

The other big thing that has happened is the “anti-corruption drive” taking place in Saudi Arabia.

The Prince is “consolidating his power“.

Has Mohammed bin Salman also been reading Imperial Energy’s (Mesquita) rules for ruling?

This is a momentous development for many reasons. One in particular is that Bin Salman has taken down the faction that is anti-Trump and who have probably been funding Trump’s enemies and have an outsize influence on American politics and the media. Now, this influence will be more tightly tied to a single point: Trump’s faction.

Secondly, there will no doubt be a lot of dirt learned from those who have been arrested – dirt on corrupt Americans. The Conservative Treehouse have some interesting speculations on what this might be.

Following up on that point, Hilary and her gang must be feeling the heat right now.  Hilary is so dirty, one does not know where to begin but on the most important scandal – treason really – this piece by Undiscovered Jew (the Arnold Rothstein of the New Right) is a good start.

The Donna Brazile book has also executed something of a “hit” on Clinton.

See this by Sailer and this.

Reactionary Thought feels it too – the storm is coming.

Of course, the other big thing is the toppling of all these sexual predators – most of whom are all Democrat/Clinton supporters.

The left has toppled statues, but the right has retaliated (it seems) by bringing down the left’s modern day idols.

Firstly, this tarnishes the left’s brand. Secondly, these individuals could be pumped for more dirt – political dirt on Clinton and others. Thirdly, all these sex scandals – in Hollywood and in the media – lay the ground for official investigations into the Cathedral with the intention of breaking them. (In our view, Moldbug should have included Hollywood as part of the Cathedral.)

Vox Day has a good post on Hollywood and he seems to think (probably correctly) that more is to come.

There is still a mountain of shit out there and there is a thousand different ways Trump can go after his enemies. For instance, one vibe we have is that the opening of the JFK files is preparing the people for more contemporary revelations – such as the fact that the CIA were arming ISIS.

You can find some of them in the links at the bottom of this post.

Who is in charge of USG? See this post by a Russia watcher who wants to know. For instance, Mr Armstrong wants to know why Trump bombed Syria. Perhaps, it was to show not only Mr Putin and Trump’s key military people how all the Cathedral whores (like Zakaria) were cheering on the aggression against a Russian client state (and, of course, Russia).

So what the hell is going on?

Deconstruction – that’s what.

Here is our theory.

Earlier, we said that in a forthcoming post we will set out what a reactionary world order could look like (if you are interested, this piece by Kissinger biographer, Niall Ferguson – which may also have had Kissinger’s input – is a mild version of our vision) and Trump may well be following this plan.

Essentially, Trump and his key intentional allies in Israel and Saudi Arabia, along with Egypt and Japan and with the full endorsement, though not the material support (maybe) of Putin and to a lesser extent Xi Jinping, is moving to deconstruct the Modern Structure  because it is a threat to world order.

We are in the middle of a paradigm shift.

The left, however, will strike back  – but how?

They will attempt an impeachment of Trump and maybe even an assassination. Sanctuary cites and even secessionist movements will goad Trump into overreaction. Finally, there is terrorism. The recent attack on a Texas church does not seem to be political, but a few more attacks like that could tip the country over the edge.

In any case, not only does the right have a chance but the rest of the world as well to degrade, defeat and deconstruct the left and to prevent them from any more destruction – at home or abroad.





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