The STEEL-cameralist Manifesto: Summary of the Story So Far.


Season 1: The Imperial Energies.

Part 1: Caesar Himself.

Why Napoleon Matters.

1: Imperial Energy.

2: Master of the Revolution.

3: Master of War.

4: Master of Religion.

5: Master of Law and Order.

6: Master of Coin.

7: Master of Education.

8: Master of the Cathedral.

9: Master of the Masses.

10: Master of France.


Part 2: A Dionysian Conspiracy.

1: Nietzsche’s Problem.

2: The “Betrayer” of the Revolution.

3: The Destroyer of Democracy.

4: Aristocratic Radicalism.

5: Nietzsche V Carlyle on Napoleon.

6: Downfall.

7: Summary and Conclusion.



Season 2: The Age of Crisis.



Part 3 A: The Age of Crisis; the Science of the State and the Rules for Rulers.

Introduction: The Age of Crisis. 

1: What is the State?

2: The Rules for Rulers.

3: The Rules for Essentials.

4: The Rules for Expendables. 

5: The Science of the State.

6: The State as an Exponential Feedback Loop.

7: Coherent V Incoherent States.

8: Imperium In Imperio. 

Part 3B: The Age of Crisis and the Predator’s Diorama.

1: Introduction.

2: The Crisis of the Paradigm.

3: A Political Crisis.

4: The Power and Process of the Planet’s Apex Predator.

5: Democratic V Technocratic Creatures; Form V Reality.

6: The Art of Ruling.

7: The Sovereign Decides the Exception.

8: The Clear and Simple Way to Abolish Democracy in a Technocracy.

9: The Philosophical and Historical Significance of the “Abolish Democracy” Strategy.

10: Summary.

Part 3C: The Age of Crisis; Crime, Chaos, Conflict and the Centralising Power.

1: The Paradigm of Power and the Imperial Formula.

2: Patrons, Proxies and the Poz.

3: De Bello Islamica.

4:The Second Anomaly.

5: Faulty Grand Strategic Assumptions.

6: Punks or Priests?

7: The Tranzis.

8: Malice or Military Incompetence?

9: Assumptions, Anomalies and the Delusions of Progress.

10: The Reality Behind the Formal Assumptions.

11: Conclusion.

Part 3D: The ABC of Economic Anomalies.


1: Richard Fernandez and the Crisis of the Imperial Paradigm. 

Section A: The ABC of Economic Anomalies.

2: The American Dream is Dead.

3: Bankers, Bubbles and Betrayal.

4: Crisis of Manageralism, Conventional Wisdom and Corruption and the City.

5: Democracy.

6: Experts and the Crisis of Elite Consensus.

7: The Fed.

8: Golden Age Gone for Good.

9: High Unemployment.

10: I Answer No. 

Section B: America’s Faulty Assumptions.

Section C: Two Theories of Economics.

Part 3E: The Error Theory of Economics.


1: Imperium In Imperio.

2: Democracy.

3: Hazlitt’s Fundamental Lesson of Economics.

4: Central Banks, Fiat Currency, Fractional Reserve Banking and the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle.

5:  The Welfare State.

6: Immigration.

7: Foreign Free Trade.

8: Form V Reality and Information Corruption.

9: Design Principles for Quacks and Synthetic A Priori Economics.

10: Conclusion.

Part 3F: The Crisis of the Cathedral and the Structure of the Imperial Information Revolution.

The Structure of Political Revolutions.

The Crisis of the Imperial Paradigm.

 1: Paradigm Shifts and Persuasion Strategy.

2: Structure and Sequence.

2A: Opening Moves.

2B: The Development.

Part A: Anomalies.

Part B: The Progressive Paradigm of Power.

Part C: The Four Anomalies.

4: Endgames.

4A: The Crisis.

4B: The Paradigm Shift – Revolution.

5: Summary and Conclusions.

6: Sources and Further Reading Material


Season 3: Prelude to the Crisis. American Fascism and the Triumph of the Minotaur.


Part 4A: American Fascism and the Triumph of the Minotaur.

1: The Triumph of Minotaur.

2: Map of the Minotaur.

3: The Plan.

Part 4B1: American Fascism: A World that is No More.

1: Introduction.

2: The World That Is No More.

3: The Prophets of Fascism. (Part 4B2).

4: The American Experiment in Liberty Has Failed.


Part 4B2: American Fascism: The Prophets of Fascism.

1: Introduction. (Part 4B1)

2: The World That is No More.

3: The Prophets of Fascism. (Part 4B2).

4: The American Experiment Has Failed. (Part 4B3).

Part 4B3: American Fascism: How the Founders Fought and Lost Against the Minotaur.

1: Introduction: An Experiment in Liberty.

2: The Structural Origins of American Fascism.

3: Imperium in Imperio.

4: The Hypothesis Falsified.

5: The Last Word.


Part 4C1: American Fascism: The Nature of Fascism.

The Nature of Fascism.

Part 4C2: American Fascism: Reactionaries on the Nature of Fascism.

1: Introduction.

2: Leftism and Fascism: Reactionary Perspectives.

A:  Leftism Revisited by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn.

B: Social Pathologist on the Marxist Origins of Fascism.

C: Reading Carlsbad’s Reading of Some Actual Nazis.

D: Reactionary Future.

E: Moldbug On Fascism and Socialism.

F: Summary.

3: Next Time.

Part 4C3: American Fascism: A Feast of Fascism.

1: Introduction.

2: Formal Cause.

 3: Material Cause (Caste analysis).

3A: The Soldiers (Guns).

3B: The Merchants (Gold).

3C: The Priests (God).

3D: Fascism and Caste.

3E: Napoleon V Hitler.

3F: Soldiers and Fascists.

3G: Communism, Tranzism and Caste.

3H: Harvard: the “HQ” of the Tranzi Empire.

3I: Summary of the Primary and Auxiliary Castes of the Three Fascist Systems.

3J: Neo-cameralist and STEEL-cameralist Castes.

 4: Efficient Cause.

 5: Final Cause.

5A: Fascist Imperial Energy.

5B: Fascism: Form and Reality.

 6: A Note on Fascism and Left and Right.


Part 4C4: American Fascism: The Triumph of the Tranzi and the March of the Minotaur.

1: The Triumph of the Tranzi.

2: The Supremacy of the Super-Protestants.

3: The Short History of the Global Triumph of the Tranzi.

4: The March of the Minotaur.

Le drapeau de la victoire

Season 4: The Minotaur of War.



Part 5: The Minotaur of War and the Power Selection Theory.

1: Purpose of the Theory.

2: Structure of and Influences on the Theory.

3: Significance of the Theory.




Part 5A: The European Minotaur of War I: the Origins and Nature of the Minotaur.

1: Introduction: Jouvenel, Power and War.

2: Man, Machine and the Minotaur.

3: Summary of On Power and its Relationship to STEEL-cameralism.

4: The Origins of the Minotaur.

5: The Minotaur’s Game of Thrones.

6: The Essence of Power.

7: The Mind of the Minotaur.

8: The Pleasures of Power; the Game and the Philosophers.

9: War Makes the State and the State Makes War.

10: The Minotaur: Permanent Revolutionary.

11: Why the Minotaur Loves the Low.

12: Napoleon: Master of the Minotaur.


Part 5B: the European Minotaur of War II: War Made the State.

1: Summary of Coercion, Capital and State Formation and alternative theories of State Formation.

2: Four Stages of Military-Political Development.

3: War Makes the State.

4: With Guns Take Gold; With Gold Buy Guns.

5: Essentials of Statecraft.

6: Rulers and the Ruled.

7: Obstacles and the Path to Universal Rights and Universal War.

8: The Minotaur’s Revolution.

9: The Age of Nationalism.

10: Special Interests and the Iron Law of Bureaucracies.

11: The Rise of the Soldier.

12: How War Made the State.

13: Cartoon History of Europe.

14: How Coups Occur.


Part 5C: The American Minotaur of War.

1: The Minotaur Presented.

2: Imperium In Imperio.

3: Hamiltonian Absolutism: The Minotaur’s Golden Ticket. 

4: The Constitution versus Caesar.

5: The Military Ascendancy.

6: America versus MacArthur.

7: The Rise of the Soldier and the State.

8: The Political Science of Everything in 2016.

9: Outplayed: Regaining Strategic Initiative in the Gray Zone.

10: A Coup against the Cathedral.

11: The Red Empire Ascendant.

12: Deconstruction of the Department of State.

13: War Makes the State and the State Makes War.

14: The Pact.

15: The Trumpian Triumvirate.

16: The Minotaur’s “Mad Dog”.

17: Smashed.

18: Prophetic Aftermath.


Season 6 Coming Soon: The State Of STEEL.


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