Tough Questions for Neo-Reactionaries (3).

Winning requires sacrifice.

What part of America would you be ready to sacrifice?

What if you could everything you want – and the Tranzi could have what they want as well – but you have to give up control over an entire state in America?

Would you do it?

What state?


You give up California. California becomes an independent state and the Tranzi, now just progressive, get to run the state. A “peaceful population” transfer occurs which is really just people from one state to a different one.

In more ways than one, it would be like lancing a boil and it would certainly buy time. Knock out California or if California leaves, then USG can probably keep the Tranzis out of the White House for a while. It also means that USG can take care of business in other parts of the World without the Snowflakes getting their-little-hands-red.

Could California actually work if it was independent and run the same way as it is now?

Of course not.

It would end up like Venezuela.

And that might be just the thing the Tranzis needs to experience.

If the people of West Hollywood face the threat that their homes will soon be repossessed by ex-Cartel members dressed in New California police uniforms in the name of “racial restitution”, it might just save the rest of the country from such unpleasantness.


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