The One Page International Peace Plan of the STEEL-cams.

The Chief business of America is business: the security business.

Right now, USG runs an informal empire that proclaims itself a charity.

But in reality, it is a criminal operation.

The STEEL-cam-one-page-international-peace-plan-is-this:

The Military becomes the state and the state becomes a business.

Those countries who want protection will pay insurance money to NUSG and in return USG is both contractually obligated and financially motivated to prevent such things as:

1: Nuclear and chemical attack.

2: Conventional invasion.

3: Genocide.

4: Terrorist attack.

5: HBO’s Girls invading the airwaves.

Pay to Play People!

Now, if NUSG fails to deter or prevent such things from happening, then it has to, of course, pay compensation.

Now, what if NUSG tells its customers to go fuck themselves?

What, like it doesn’t already?

NUSG is a business and it operates as a Stock Corporation so when it tells its customers to go fuck themselves, they can tell NUSG to go fuck themselves as well.

The result of this faithlessness, whatever else happens, is that share-price will almost certainly take a hit and new customers will have very good reasons to not give their custom to NUSG.

Of course, the plan requires competitors.

Well, Russia can get in the game.

The European Union as well  – if it could get its shit together.

China could certainly do it.

The reason that peace has as a chance – always only a chance –  is that all incentives point in the direction of peace, security and order.

Profitability is achieved via anticipating, preventing, detecting and deterring and finally hunting, punishing and extracting payment from criminals and criminal states.

So far, so Moldbug right?

Well, here is one development (which is fully in line with the Master anyway) that is slightly new:

Instead of a complete re-structuring, USG just contracts its foreign policy out to a private corporation.

Essentially, USG just closes down the State Department and merges the Pentagon with Academi.

Meet your new Prince, who is definitely not like the last one.










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