Napoleon Bonaparte – A Portrait by Prince Metternich

The Undiscovered Jews has put up a complete portrait of Napoleon by Prince Metternich.

We drew upon Metternich’s memoirs here:

Metternich, in our view, provides the best analysis and judgement of Napoleon.

(TUJ and ourselves engage in a discussion of Napoleon in the comments.)

Pragmatically Distributed

mus-fapc2020_500Metternich Volume II, Metternich to the Emperor Francis, Vienna, January 17, 1811

Pages 478-479

To examine into the reasons why this alarming state of things was brought about, at a moment when we should alone consider the present and the future, would be outside the aim of the present statement. The history of the last twenty years shows an uninterrupted succession of moral, political, military, financial mistakes made by all the European Powers. Not one is free from reproach ; not one worked for her preservation with means suited to the object, or in a way likely to lead to the wished-for goal. But all the fault does not lie with the Powers themselves. The appearance of a great Power rising from her ashes in the midst of Europe, with fresh and tremendous energies, was too wide-reaching, in its daily results, to be universally grasped, and thus turned to general…

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