A STEEL-cameralist Manifesto Part 4A: American Fascism. (The Triumph of the Minotaur.)


1: The Triumph of Minotaur.

2: Map of the Minotaur.

3: The Plan.


1: The Triumph of the Minotaur.

America is fascist country.

And so are Russia, China and England.

And pretty much every other major nation as well.

Does this mean that the progressives are right about American fascism?


It means that progressives or Tranzis, are fascists.

Progressivism, or Tranzism, is a Facism.

Tranzis are puppets who think they are players but they puppets of the Minotaur.


2: Map of the Minotaur.


The next two entries in the STEEL-cameralist series are in the field of philosophical history.

The first part (American Fascism) is on fascism: what it is, where it came from, and how it captured the American nation-state.

The second part (The American Minotaur of War) is on the military-industrial-complex, where it came from, how it grew and what its destiny will be.

Thirdly, we will present our theory of history: political evolution by a process of power selection.

Fascism then, in a sense, is the internal aspect of the state’s evolution and war is its external aspect; of course, these two things cannot be separated because war made the state and the state made fascism and fascism makes for fighting which is what the states exists for.


There are four sub-sections to part 4.

In the first part (this part), we introduce the topic and set out our purposes (see more below).

The second part introduces a framework for grasping the insight that every major modern state is essentially fascist. We illustrate this framework and attempt to engineer this gestalt switch by making use of three sources which make for a compelling compare and contrast exercise between the pre-modern and modern state.

The third part defines fascism itself with the help of one of Nick Land’s most incisive of essays

The fourth part sets out the leftist origins and the similarities between fascism (which is uniformly seen as “rightist”) with leftist thought. Here we have drawn upon some of the best work done on the subject in reactionary circles; in particular, we make use of the Social Pathologist’s and Carlsbad1819’s work.

The fifth and final part is Le American Fascism itself. Here, making use of a primary resource that documents the American Minotaur’s ascent (descent?) into its first of two stages of transformation into the planet’s Apex Predator.

Then, in part 5, we examine how that beast conquered the globe in the American Minotaur of War.


3: The Plan.

We have two purposes to this entry:

1: Theoretical Purpose.

2: Practical Purpose.

In terms of theory or philosophical history, our aim is to establish the claim that every major modern state is essentially fascist and how and why this happened.

In terms of our practical or rhetorical purpose our goal is twofold:

A: Rhetorical face slap for people, especially progressives. Assuming you’re in an argument with progressives, or even conservatives, the goal is to stun them, turn the tables, then drive them off in confusion and then enlighten them.

B: The rhetorical and theoretical claim will help demonstrate the difference between all forms of fascism (past and present) and STEEL-cameralism which is a radically different philosophy of the state.

In the next part, we set up the framework for understanding our central theoretical claim by contrasting the pre-modern and modern state.







12 thoughts on “A STEEL-cameralist Manifesto Part 4A: American Fascism. (The Triumph of the Minotaur.)

    1. Excellent post. It provides a brilliant complement to the internal process of centralization we set out in “Error Theory of Economics.” A few posts from now, we examine the growth of the U.S military machine or “Complex”.

      Thanks for this link.


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