Imperial Circular 01/08/2017 How Democracy Dies…

Back in here we made the case that the Cathedral was signalling a green light for a coup.

It has not happened yet, but everything that has happened since does nothing to change the fundamental crisis in Venezuela.

Of course, for a we know a coup have been in the works but has been foiled; a coup may not even be in the works; a coup may not even succeed.

And even if it did, what would be the point?

If a coup leads to an interim government and this interim government then leads to democracy….

What’s the point?

Because democracy will just lead back to socialist dictatorship again:

CARACAS (Reuters) – Defying pressure from abroad and at home, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said on Sunday that a controversial election would go ahead next weekend for a new congress his foes fear will institutionalize dictatorship.

There is a talking point for you. How democracy leads to dictatorship. How similar, in terms of structure, is Venezuela to America? Choose from the following options:

A: Extremely similar.

B: Very similar.

C: Similar.

D: Not so similar.

E: No similarities.

Did the “checks and balances” system work here? If not, why not? What lessons are there for America?

A further talking point is how much the great and the good have praised Venezuela and the late Chavez.

Ultimately, this will be the fate of America and Europe as well.



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