Imperial Circular 01/07/2017.


1: Imperial Energy and Undiscovered Jew get into a discussion on Hamiltonian and Austrian Theories of the Business Cycle here on Pragmatically Distributed.

See also our new Error Theory of Economics.

2: Russia gives Turkey weapons. Turkey, the so called Muslim success story, is a growing threat to Europe. George Friedman thinks it is possible that Turkey will invade Europe later this century. Turkey was always a menace to Europe. The future will increasingly come to resemble the past.

3: The question of war powers is a central question for any political system. Has USG being following the formal rules? No. Will it ever? Probably not.

4: The Cathedral in the UK. The solution is that all the Universities must go.

5: The next stage of the Great Game begins. Trump sends weapons to Taiwan. 

6: The Trump administration is sending signals about a possible trade war with China.

(for a follow up, see our article on Geo-Economics here which is a central pillar to STEEL-cameralism.)

7: Christopher Coker (one of our influences) is interviewed here about war and great power conflict

8: Why are the Japanese Exceptional?

9: Russian Collusion was lies from the beginning.

10: Trump wins again. CNN humiliated.

11: Space War. As Coker said: war will not end until it has exhausted its evolutionary possibilities.  See more here.

12: What it means to be part of the Ruling Elite.

An excellent analysis from the early James Burnham perspective.

We don’t have any disagreements here.

Some extra thoughts would be that Burnham expanded upon the Ruling Class in Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom.

Another book, now somewhat dated, is the Power Elite by C. Wright Mills.

Millis and Pareto influenced our Ruling Elite typology of three basic Ruling Elites types:

1: Priests.

2: Merchants.

3: Soldiers.

When it comes to the Ruling Class, we need an account of what it means to rule. We address this here.

Also, for Ruling Elites, you can identify them by tracing their origins and education to institutions such as:

1: Church/University.

2: Business school/Corporation.

3: Military college/Military.





6 thoughts on “Imperial Circular 01/07/2017.

  1. …. I guess it is a feature of nrx … a pessimistic view of man … I say this in regard to the way you have named three rulers. Priests, merchants, Soldiers. Wouldn’t Plato have called the three classes Philosophers, Statesmen, and Kings?….and in Sparta the classes were the council of elders, the ephors, and the kings….can we aspire?


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